JMAC: Open Source Java Monkey's Audio Decoder/Encoder/JavaSound SPI

JMAC is a Java implementation of the Monkey's Audio decoder/encoder/JavaSound SPI.

Currently, Monkey's Audio format up to 3.99 version supported.

JMAC is distributed under the terms of the GNU Library General Public License.

Future Releases

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2006/06/30: Version 1.74. The SPI can freeze up in getAudioFileFormat if the target file represented as URL. Fixed. JNI wrapper recompiled under MSVS 2005.
2005/11/08: Version 1.73. Some problems with correct identification of MAC format in SPI were fixed. Thanks to javazoom.
2005/01/16: Version 1.72. Some problems with closing output/input streams during compression where fixed (thanks again to Dan Rollo).
2004/10/08: Version 1.71. The support both the JDK1.3 and JDK1.5 implemented. Code cleanup.
2004/10/07: Version 1.70. Bug in compressing algorithm fixed (thanks to Dan). Also, the support of new features of JDK1.5 implemented.
2004/07/05: Version 1.65. Bug with compressing/decompressing of 24-bit audio fixed. There are several other small bug fixes.
2004/06/05: Version 1.64. The JNI wrapper around of original MAC library implemented (linux version).
2004/05/24: Version 1.63. Small improvements. Also, the ability to run jmac.jar as simple APE utility added.
2004/05/18: Version 1.62. Major bug fixing (generally in JNI wrapper). Small improvements.
2004/05/13: Version 1.61. Small bug fix in Tritonus based SPI.
2004/05/13: Version 1.6. The APE encoder (3.99) implemented, JNI wrapper updated and a lot of bug fixes.
2004/05/07: Version 1.5. The MAC format up to 3.99 version now supported.
2004/04/30: Version 1.41. MD5 checking during file verification added.
2004/04/29: Version 1.4. The JNI wrapper around of original MAC library implemented. Now only Windows platform supported. Please, read readme.txt file for more details.
2004/04/24: Version 1.3. The MAC format up to 3.98 version now supported. The ability to edit APE Tag info implemented.
2004/04/02: Version 1.2. Java Sound SPI (based on Tritonus) for APE audio implemented.
2004/03/27: Version 1.16. Cleanup and bugfixing.
2004/03/27: Version 1.15. More performance improvements.
2004/03/26: Version 1.14. Performance and reliability improvements.
2004/03/25: Version 1.13. Fixed bug with playing local files using jmacp.
2004/03/22: Version 1.12. The class CircularBuffer removed. Performance improvements.
2004/03/19: Version 1.11. Small performance improvements.
2004/03/14: Version 1.1. Support of playing/converting audio from stream (any InputStream) implemented. Java Sound SPI for APE audio implemented.
2004/03/08: Version 1.01. Small bug fixes with Player and file openings.
2004/03/04: Version 1.0. Initial version. It supports the MAC format up to 3.97 version.


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If you find bugs, have suggestions, want to contribute or whatever, send an email to jmac-user mailing list or post message into project forum. Logo Last modified: Fri June 30, 2006